Rabi Lamichhane announces National Independent Party

Former media person Rabi Lamichhane has announced a new party named ‘National Independent Party.’

Lamichhane announced the formation of a new party under his chairmanship by organising a special programme here today.

“I am not entering into any other political party,” he said.

Announcing the party, he said though there is a possibility to be independent, a political party is necessary to change the country.

“To change the deplorable political structure of the country I will step up with the new party,” he said, “I will move ahead by making a party that is needed for the country.”

He said that though the political path is tough it is not impossible.

Lamichhane highlighted that his election agenda is directly elected Prime minister and Chief Minister. There is no cadre system in the new party but anyone can be a supporter.

He made it clear that there is no provision for any sister organization in the National Independent Party.

Starting committee of the party, which is needed for registering the party in the Election Commission, has 21 members.

He said that the new party’s election symbol is the bell. He appealed to all capable independent figures to give candidacy by joining his party.

Source : TRN,