Rape accused ‘Siddha Baba’ in ICU; alleged criminals often seek solace in hospital beds

  • December 1, 2019

Krishna Bahadur Giri aka Siddhababa has been shifted to ICU shortly after police reached the Biratnagar-based Birat Nursing Home to arrest him for allegedly raping one of his female followers.

Giri, who has been at the hospital since Thursday, was referred to ICU at around 11:00 this morning.

Giri admitted himself to Biratnagar-based Birat Nursing Home on November 29 on the pretext of chest infection and experiencing symptoms of kidney stone upon getting a wind of impending arrest, informed Superintendent of Police Yagya Binod Pokharel of Sunsari District Police Office.

According to the hospital officials, Dr Gyanendra Giri refereed the alleged to the ICU after a sudden rise in the latter’s heart beat.

The victim had filed First Information Report (FIR) with the police a few days back, alleging that she was summoned by Giri to his ashram on October 21 and raped.

The victim first went to Kathmandu Metropolitan Police to file an FIR, but police refused to register one. She then approached the Central Investigation Bureau (CIB).

CIB sent her FIR to Sunsari police on November 26 after conducting a health checkup. It was, however, only November 28 that Sunsari police registered an FIR and sought permission from the court to arrest the alleged perpetrator.

Giri shot to fame by boxing himself up for nine days to meditate without food or water in Sunsari’s Chatara. He is also said to have repeated such an act later in Pokhara.

Moreover, Giri has allegedly encroached the land of Koshi Project in Chatara and has built two structures there with a capacity of housing 500 persons without the mandatory design pass. Besides, he was also dragged into controversy for keeping dual citizenship certificates issued from different places.