Reason behind Panchthar Massacre: Preliminary Investigation

22 May 2019

Nine members of two families at Aarubot, Miklajung Rural Municipality-3 in Panchthar district were brutally murdered by unknown masked person on Monday night. The families of son-in-law, Dhanraj Sherma and father-in-law, Bom Bahadur Phiyak, were murdered using sharp weapon, police reported.

The deceased family member includes Dhanraj Sherma, 41, Jasmita Phiyak, 36, Man Kumari Phiyak, 26, Iksa Sherma, 6, Yobana Sherma, 13, Muna Sherma, 8, Bam Bahadur Phiyak, 74, Phurchi Maya Phiyak and Aashika Khajum Limbu, 12. There houses are 15 minutes apart.

The locals knew about the mass murder only the next morning. The mutilated bodies were found inside and outside of house.

Man Bahadur Makhim, the prime suspect of the massacre has been suspected to have committed suicide after the murder. His body was found hanging near his own house which is in a distance of an hour and half from the scene of massacre.

According to the preliminary investigation of police, it has been found that Makhim was the younger son-in-law of Bom Bahadur Phiyak. Makhim and his wife were living separately, wife Man Kumari Phiyak was living at her parents’ house. Man Kumari had been asking for alimony for divorce while Makhim was not ready to provide it. The investigation also shows that Makhim and Dhanraj Sherma, his brother-in-law were also not in good terms.

Previously, Makhim was suspected of mixing pieces of glass in salt at Dhanraj’s house. The incident was also reported to the village ward authority and investigation was also conducted.

The teams from Dashami Bazaar police beat, Rabi-based Area Police Office, Panchthar District Police Office, Ilam’s Chisapani based Area Police Office and Armed Police Force have been deployed to investigate the incident.

Update on survivor

The condition of 12-year-old Sita Khajum, who survived the attack, is normal now. She was sent to Life Line Hospital of Damak on Tuesday afternoon for treatment.

Sita’s hand was fractured while escaping the attack. She did not endure any other physical injuries but she is in shock, informed Police Inspector Khagendra Ektan. Authorities have forbid others to meet Sita considering her mental state.