Reconstructions of 63 heritages in Pashupati area complete

Sixty-three heritages along the Pashupati Area World Heritage Site have been restored which were damaged by the Gorkha earthquake in 2015.

According to Pashupati Area Development Trust (PADT) Member Secretary Dr Milan Kumar Thapa, out of 90 structures damaged by the quake, 63 ones have been reconstructed and works go on to rebuild 11 others.

In the Pashupati area, reconstruction works for 16 heritages are awaited as the source of the budget has not been ensured yet.

Jayabageshwori Temple, Jeet Jagat Prakasheshwor Temple, Gaurighat Chaughera Sattal, Shiva shrines in the Mrigasthali area and Shankaracharya Temple are among those rebuilt structures.

It is said the reconstruction of the Bishwarup Temple reports slow progress due to budget constraints.

As the PADT says, an inauguration of the Jayabagehshwori Temple has been scheduled on coming February 3.(RSS)