Records Of Inundating Lands By Dudh Koshi Hydropower Project Being Prepared

The 635 Megawatt (MW) Dudh Koshi Hydropower Project, which is being constructed at Rabhunwaghat affecting the lands of Khotang, Okhaldhunga, and Solukhumbu by inundation is in the process of preparing the records of it.

The record is being established by setting an aim to acquire the land after giving compensation to the landowners whose land will be flooded by the national pride hydropower project.

The work of keeping the record of the land within Rawabeshi Rural Municipality (Khotang), which is stretched on the area of the reservoir-based hydropower project is underway.

The project site lies in the border of Lamidanda, Ward-3 of Rawabeshi Rural Municipality, and Bhadaure, Ward-6 of Chisangkhugadhi Rural Municipality.

Sitaram Prakhachen, deputy director of the project, said that work is underway to clear the land in Chisankhugadhi Rural Municipality of Okhaldhunga and the land within Solukhumbu that will be inundated by the hydropower project.

The detailed project report (DPR) states that the land up to 650 m above sea level will be inundated by the reservoir-based hydropower project.

Although the EIA report mentions that 1,150 households in the three districts will be affected by the floods, it is estimated that about 2,500 households will be affected by the project.

The dam to be constructed at Rabhunwaghat which is also the business center of the three districts will inundate 10 kilometers on the banks of Dudhkoshi towards Solukhumbu, eight kilometers on the banks of Rawakhola on the side of Khotang, and four kilometers on the banks of Thotnekhola in Okhaldhunga.

The project that spreads in an area of ​​19 square km will cover 7,10,010 square meters of cultivable land, 3,320 square meters of orchards, 46,86,729 square meters of irrigated land (farm), 1,022,870 square meters of fallow fields, 1,222 square meters of fishing ground, 1,55,446 of private forest and 34, 321 square meters of a community forest will be inundated.