Red Panda In School Curriculum

Subject related to Red Panda is now being taught in schools with the objective of protecting the endangered animal.

The Red Panda Network, working to preserve Red Panda, has developed text books on environment conservation including Red Panda to be taught in the schools.

Currently, the subject is being taught in 28 schools in Taplejung, Paanchthar and Ilam districts, home to Red Panda in Nepal. The initiative began from Grade 6 and 7 with the goal of promoting awareness about environment protection and Red Pandas, said programme coordinator of Himali Protection Forum, Taplejung. The forum is active in preservation works related to Red Panda.

The text book developed by including topics on the environment, geography, humanitarian context of Taplejung, Ilam and Paanchthar is also expected to help students understand the local context.

The three districts in eastern Nepal are home to around 200 Red Pandas, according to the latest count.

The endangered species is found in a total of 23 districts in Nepal. It usually lives in an altitude of 1,800 to 4,800 meters. Apart from Nepal, Red Panda is also found in China, Myanmar, Bhutan among other c countries.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) categorized Red Panda as highly endangered animal in 1996. The number of Red Pandas continues to decline for various reasons around the world.

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