Religious Tourist Train from India arrives Janakpur to a grand welcome

Indian tourists on the ‘Bharat Gaurav Tourist Train’ have been given a grand welcome upon arrival in Janakpurdham. The train, which left the Indian capital New Delhi last Tuesday, reached Janakpurdham at around 1.45 pm today.

Upon arrival at Janakpurdham-based railway station, Chief Minister of Madhes Lal Babu Raut, Minister for Industry, Forest and Tourism Satrudhan Mahato, General Manager of Nepal Railway Company Niranjan Kumar Jha, Janakpurdham Sub-Metropolitan Chief Manoj Kumar Sah and Janakpurdham-based Janaki Mandir’s Mahantha Ram Roshan Das welcomed the Indian tourists.

Welcoming the Indian tourists, Chief Minister Raut expressed confidence that such a religious visit would further deepen the ties between the two countries and contribute to the tourism development of Janakpurdham.

About 600 Indian tourists on the ‘Bharat Gaurav Tourist Train’ are scheduled to visit various religious places in Janakpurdham and stay in Janakpurdham tonight. The train, which will operate on the Ramayana Circuit, will connect Ayodhya, Nandigram, Sitamadhi, Banaras, Prayagraj, Chitrakutt, Panchavati, Nashik, Hampi, Rameshwaram and Bhadrachalam as well as religious areas in Janakpur, Nepal, said General Manager Jha.

India has brought the concept of Ramayana Circuit to connect the religious places of India, Nepal and Sri Lanka. The route reportedly used by Ram of Ayodhya when he came to Janakpurdham and when he returned to Ayodhya after his marriage with Sita is called the Ramayana Circuit. (RSS)