Repairing Of Melamchi Water Project Starts, Water Supply Likely To Resume By October End

Works related to repairing of the damage caused by rain-induced flooding to the structures in Melamchi Water Supply Project site in Sindhupalchowk have started.

The Melamchi Water Supply Development Board has informed that the repair and reconstruction of road to the project site from Melamchi bazaar, which is 18 km in distance, has started so as to reach the headwork area of the project.

Rajendra Pant, spokesperson of Melamchi Water Supply Development Board (MWSDB), said that track opening work to the headwork area has been started in coordination with the wards no 1 and 2 of Helambu Rural Municipality.

The MWSDB spokesperson expressed optimism that water could be supplied to Kathmandu by October end once clear water starts flowing in the river as the floods have not damaged the permanent structures of the project site.

Inspection of the tunnel for any necessary improvement could be done by entering from its end point in Sundarijal, according to him.

As the temporary tunnel of 200 meter in length at Ambathan has been filled with sand carried by the flood, it needs to be cleaned. The tunnel could be filled with water again by October end by cleaning the tunnel, according to the project.

The technical team that was heading for the starting point of the project tunnel to assess the damage caused to the project structures could reach only near the site, some 3 kilometers from Melamchi bazaar.

The 7-member team comprised of technicians from the project, Construction Company and Consultant Company reached as far as Kyul of Sindhupalchowk and returned as it could not move further as the road was damaged.

The team returned because it was deemed necessary to take tents and materials for living and food items there, said spokesperson Pant. The team will visit the site within a few days.

The flood triggered by heavy rainfall on June 16 damaged road to the starting point of the project, dam of the project, audit tunnel, headwork, bridge and structures at the starting point.

Although temporary structures have been damaged, permanent structures of the project such as the main tunnel have not been affected by the flood, according to the project.

Source : TRN,