Research Study To Be Conducted On Rise Of Rhino Deaths

The Chitwan National Park (CNP) and National Trust for Nature Conservation are preparing to carry out a research study on the increasing scenario of natural death of rhinos in the national park.

According to CNP conservation officer Prem Narayan Kandel, they were forwarding the study process forging coordination with the Trust.

The western region of the national park is witnessing frequent deaths of the one-horned animal of late.

The CNP initiated to carry out the research after eight rhinos were found dead within two months.

Of them, one was found dead due to poaching while others had died due to natural causes.

It may be noted that 43 rhinos had died last year due to natural causes.

Most of the common causes of rhino deaths are reported as being stuck in swamp, washed away by floods, and encounters with each other.

It is further shared that human constructed embankments and pond constructed for irrigation purpose were also causes of rhino deaths.

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