Rhino Census Begins At Shuklaphanta National Park

Counting of the one-horned rhino, enlisted in the list of rare wildlife, has begun at Shuklaphanta National Park from Thursday.

Eight technicians, 10 managers and 12 elephants have been mobilized for counting the population of one-horned rhino.

Chief Conservation Officer at the Park, Dil Bahadur Purja Magar, said that population of rhino would be counted in three blocks—park area, Malumela and Beldandi.

He added, “They have started activities in order to complete the rhino census within a week. Information will be collected regarding the habitat and condition of rhino along with the count.”

Population of rhino is counted at the park in every four years. There are 17 rhinos protected in the Park. Of them, 10 are male, five female and two calves.

Number of rhinos has increased in the Park after protection of its habitat and enhancing the endangered animal’s security.

A total of four rhinos were brought at Shuklaphanta National Park from Chitwan National Park in 2000 for the first time. Similarly, five rhinos were shifted to Shuklaphanta from Chitwan National Park in 2017.

Population of rhinos has been increasing in the Shuklaphanta Park in a satisfactory manner in two decades.

Source : RSS,