Risk Of Post-COVID High In Recovered Patients

The public health experts have warned that those who have recovered from the novel coronavirus infection might continue suffering from the symptoms for a longer time.

Along with the cases of recoveries, the cases of post-COVID have also been increasing lately, say the doctors.

Dr. Raju Pangeni, pulmonologist at HAMS Hospital said that the patients suffering from post-COVID were increasing due to the lack of timely treatment after contracting the virus. “Around 50 per cent of patients have been visiting the hospital with the symptoms of long-COVID after recovering from the infection,” said Dr. Pangeni.

Difficulty in breathing, shortness of breath, fatigue and leg pain are the common symptoms of post-COVID, he said, adding, “The cases of post-COVID are seen more on those who are admitted to hospital due to low SPo2 level while being infected.”

Dr. Pangeni says that it takes around four months to recover from post-COVID.

Similarly, deputy director at TU Teaching Hospital Dr. Santa Kumar Das said that the risk of post-COVID still prevailed despite recovering from the novel coronavirus infection. “The symptoms of long COVID are seen extensively in those patients who are admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU),” he said.

Moreover, Dr. Anup Bastola, director at Sukraraj Tropical and Infectious Disease Hospital, Teku, also said that the recovered patients were reporting the symptoms of post-COVID.

Dr. Bastola said that psychological counseling was vital for those suffering from post-COVID.

“Recovered patients who were admitted to the ICU mostly suffer from post-COVID. As they could be mentally disturbed while staying in the ICU as they see many patients succumbing to the infection. Thus, psychological counselling is vital for COVID-19 recovered patients,” said Dr. Bastola.

Source : TRN,