Risk Of Wild Animals Being Hit By Vehicles Increasing

The carcasses of animals callously lying in the middle of the road have now become a common sight. According to a recent survey and analysis conducted by the Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation (DNPWC), an increasing number of animals are at the risk of getting run over by speeding vehicles.
As per the DNPWC’s annual report, 591 wild animals of different species died in the last fiscal year 2019/20.
Among them, about 108 wild animals were found dead as a result of getting caught in several road accidents in different national parks, conservation areas and reserves. Likewise, 437 deaths have been attributed to natural causes, 30 to unnatural causes and 16 to poaching.
The highest number of deaths in road accident was reported from Banke, Bardiya and Parsa national parks. Forty eight wild animals died in Banke National Park, 35 in Bardiya and 15 in Parsa National Park.
Increasing number of vehicles plying across the conservation areas, lack of speed limit, and a serious dearth of wildlife-friendly infrastructures have been identified as the major causes for the increasing number of animal deaths in road accidents.
The report collected from the five national parks and one wildlife reserve showed that roads passing through such areas have posed serious threats to wildlife.

Source : TRN,