Rs. 1 Million Annual Income Must To Get Visit Visa

The Phadindra Mani Pokhrel-led task force has made it mandatory to have annual taxable income of at least Rs. 1 million to be eligible to fly abroad, especially to Gulf countries under visit visa.
The provision is, however, not applicable to those who have their family members living in the destination countries. “Family members of those persons can fly abroad to meet them without any hassle, and this procedure will be verified through the citizenship certificates and their relationship,” Joint Secretary Pokhrel, coordinator of the task force, said.

This means the provision will not be applicable to husband and wife, parents, siblings and children, he said. “In case of other relations and individuals, who do not have any relative abroad, should compulsorily show minimum annual income of Rs. 1 million from his/her taxable amount,” Joint Secretary Pokhrel said.

It has also been recommended in the report that in case of need to prove the relationship, it should be certified by the local level chief administrative officer and a copy of the certificate should be uploaded in the information system of immigration office so that the concerned local level can see it from the immigration office.

It is also said that 50 per cent of the total needed amount should be deposited in the bank in one’s own name and account. The report states, “The Department of Immigration will have to make arrangements for that in coordination with the Nepal Rastra Bank, the central bank of the country.”

The task force also concluded that a joint team should be deployed through diplomatic initiatives to update the details of those who have not obtained labour permits in the UAE and other countries. According to Pokhrel, a mechanism will be set up to hear complaints and grievances related to the visit visa.

“Only immigration officers with the prescribed training will be assigned to the desk,” the task force reported.
In case of allowing suspicious workers to leave on a visit visa, arrangements should be made only on the decision of the concerned immigration desk officer, shift coordinator and senior immigration officer.

“If happens otherwise, the concerned authorities who were on their duty should themselves be responsible to face legal action,” he said.
The government has also said the provision will come into implementation only after issuance of working permit on visit visa.

He informed that a committee comprising representatives of Immigration Department, Foreign Employment Department and concerned agencies would be formed to formulate working procedures.
Similarly, the report has suggested the government to modify the exiting procedure while obtaining the visit visa. The report was submitted to Minister for Home Affairs Bal Krishna Khand on Wednesday.

A task force has concluded that the activities of individuals and organisations who send people under visit visa without obtaining labour permit should be monitored and brought under the ambit of law.

Source : TRN,