Rs. 200m Allocated For Upgrading Dailekh’s Mahabu Road

Work on the tri-country road, which has been on the top priority of the Central government since last year, will start from Dailekh headquarters in the upcoming fiscal year 2021/22.
The federal government has earmarked Rs. 200 million for the Mahabu road section of the district headquarters.
Work has begun since last year with the allocation of funds under the tri-country road connecting Nepalgunj, Surkhet, Dailekh, Mahabu, Kalikot, Jumla, Humla, Dolpa and Nagchenamla of China.
Rs. 800 million allocated last year was spent on Mugu and Dolpa road sections. Out of Rs. 600 million allocated this year, Rs 200 million has been set aside for the road from Kanda Chaur to Mahabu.
Engineer of Surkhet Road Division Office Tularam Sharma said that the amount would be spent under the vigilance of the Office. He said that out of the total amount, Rs. 200 million had been allocated for the Mahabu road section and that it had already been included in the Red Book.
Roads being opened from three places in Dailekh
Road connectivity will come into operation from three places of the district headquarters to connect five districts of the Karnali Province.
Kalikot is connected by the Karnali Highway, which has now come into operation, and the road connecting Kalikot and Jumla via Surkhet-Upper Dugeshwor, Dullu-Bhairabi-Kalikot and Jumla is being built by the Provincial and the Central governments.
Former president of Dailekh Chamber of Commerce and Industry Shanti Sharma said that work on another road connecting Kalikot and Jumla via Mahabu will start from this year.
Sharma added that the economic condition of Dailekh would be improved after all the three roads came into operation which would also help in the promotion of tourism.
Chief of the District Coordination Committee (DCC) Dailekh Prem Thapa said that major development projects of the district should be completed as soon as possible and urged all the responsible bodies to be vigilant about the effectiveness and quality of the work.
He said that all the people’s representatives should play an effective role for the construction of the quality roads.

Source : TRN,