Rukum (West) Produces More Food Grains Against Demand

More food grain against the demand of locals is being produced in Rukum (West).

According to the Agriculture Development Office, more food grains against the demand of district folks has been produced in the district this year.A total of 35,760 metric tonnes of food grains was produced in the district in the fiscal year 2019/20. Thirty-four thousand 188 metric tonnes of food grains was required for 170,092 people in the district.

Officiating Chief of the Agriculture Development Office, Min Bahadur KC, said that the district had surplus of the food grains annually.    
The district had surplus of 1,572 metric tonnes of paddy, wheat and maize last year.

The highest amount of wheat is produced in the district. KC further said that wheat is cultivated on 4,589 hectares of land in the district. A total of 27,859 metric tonnes of wheat was produced last year.

Similarly, 14 thousand 988 metric tonnes of maize, nine thousand 756 metric tonnes of paddy, and 1,011 metric tonnes of millet was produced last year, according to the Office.

Maize is being produced on 4,068 hectares of land, paddy on 3,048 hectares of land, millet on 369 hectares of land and barly on 367 hectares of land in the district.

Source: RSS,