Rukumgad Hydropower’s work in final stage

The construction works of Rukumgad Hydropower Project situated in Ward No. 4 of Bhume Rural Municipality in Rukum East district have reached their final stages.

The 5-MW hydropower project is now expected to be completed in the next six months.

“We are working on pipeline and installing machines in the power house,” said Dhirendra Prakash Shah, information officer for Rapti Hydro.

Rapti Hydro and General Construction is overlooking the construction of the hydropower project.

Shah said that few works remain in installing the 2.5-kilometre pipeline.

“Power house construction, intake construction and installing poles from the power house to the sub-station in Dhairenichaur of Musikot has been completed,” said Shah.

He added that if everything went well, they would light the bulb from the hydropower’s electricity by the end of December.

A budget of Rs. 1 billion has been allocated for the project. Different contractors are overlooking different works. ATC-Kabindra JV is working on civil side, Singh Construction is taking care about poles and wires, North Hydro sees pipeline works and Indian VSL has the responsibility of machineries.

It has been three years since the project kicked off and officials said that it got delayed by months due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Source : TRN,