Rupandehi Sees Surge In COVID-19 Infections

Coronavirus infections are on the rise in Rupandehi. The cases of the infected people which had been zero for the last few months have again started increasing from the past few weeks.
Rupandehi is at high risk of the infection rate due to its border linked with India.According to the District Health Office, Rupandehi, the infection in the district has also intensified in the last four days.
The infection was seen among six people on Wednesday, nine people on Thursday, another 15 on Friday and 20 on Saturday, according to the Health Office.
In the last one year alone, 86 people, including 50 men and 36 women, had been infected with the virus in Rupandehi, according to the Health Office.
With the addition of infected people on Saturday, the number of active cases in the district has reached 86.
At present, the infection is of a slightly different nature than before, said Rajendra Giri, head of the health office in Rupandehi.
“It is not a matter of whether there is a new variant or an old one, but there is an infection among the children and the young age group,” Giri said.
Infection is also noticed among the students now. “We all need to be vigilant as additional infections have been confirmed in the traces of infected people in Bhairahawa,” Giri said.
“We are working towards increasing surveillance at all local levels, quarantines, test suspects in isolation, and conduct contact tracing,” Giri said.
He said that tests are being carried out from four labs in Rupandehi and tests have also been sent from RDT antigen kit to the municipal level.
According to reports from private labs, Lumbini Provincial Hospital, Provincial Public Health Laboratory and National Public Health Laboratory, 15 coronavirus cases have been added in five different local levels in Rupandehi, said Kedar Nath Sah, Vector Control Inspector at the Health Office, Rupandehi.
According to Sah, the highest number of infected people, including five women and four men, has been added in Butwal Sub-metropolis on Friday. Similarly, three persons including two women and one man have been confirmed in Siddharthnagar Municipality area and one each in Siyari, Mayadevi and Kanchan villages.
According to the office, 156 people have died so far. Eight thousand 969 people from different areas of the district had been recovered and discharged. Eighty-six infected people are being treated in various isolation centres, according to the Health Office.