Sadhguru Arrives In Humla To Visit Mt. Kailash

Famous Indian religious leader Sadhguru has arrived in Humla to view Mount Kailash and Manasarovar Lake from the Nepali territory of Lapcha.
He landed at Simkot Airport on Wednesday, one day later than scheduled, because bad weather prevented his helicopter from taking off from Kathmandu on Tuesday, tourism entrepreneur Bijay Lama told The Rising Nepal. Upon landing at the airport, Sadhguru described Simkot as a very beautiful place.

Although he was provided with a motorcycle, Sadhguru chose to walk from the airport to the playground at Simsar where he will spend the night. He was accompanied by other Indian pilgrims and 55 Nepali tourism entrepreneurs.
His team will leave for Lapcha early Thursday morning. They will walk for 11 days to reach the place from where they will be able to see Kailsah, the holy mountain and the lake.

Source : TRN,