Sah Family’s Dream Turn Into Ashes Along With Home

A family of Rajgadh rural municipality-4, Belhi Chapena in Saptari district has come across a big tragedy with their entire possessions including cash that was managed for academic pursuit of children turning into ashes.

The family of Ananda Sah has plunged into an abyss of grief after their residential house along with cash turned into ashes in a fire that broke out on Thursday. With this the Sah family’s cherished dream of providing higher education to their offspring has been shattered.

Om Prakash Mandal, a local, said the Sah’s family has faced a tough time when the fire that suddenly broke out in broad daylight destroyed all possessions including cash Rs 175,000, jewelries and food grains. The fire took place when all the family members were busy harvesting paddy in the field.

The Sah family had managed cash on loan for the college admission of his daughter and payment of tuition fee for the son.

Fire survivor Sah said, “The inferno had neither left the protecting roof nor a single penny. We are deeply aggrieved how to manage children’s education”.

Sah’s neighbours have arranged food for the members of the victim family, Mandal shared.

Source : RSS,