Salyan Fails To Expand COVID-19 Tests Despite Increasing Infection Rate

The risk of spread of the novel coronavirus has increased in Salyan after the prohibitory order was relaxed. Owing to the negligence in following the public health standards, the virus has spread in the community.

Despite the surge in the infection rate, the local levels have not been expanding the range of the COVID-19 test. A few days ago, the antigen test was performed in 16 samples of Darma Rural Municipality and COVID-19 was detected in 10 samples.

Yagya Basnet, chief of the health department of Darma Rural Municipality, said, “Although we have received information that people are falling sick with similar symptoms as COVID-19 in various houses, we have not been able to conduct tests on them.”

Along with Darma Rural Municipality, symptoms similar to coronavirus are being detected in other villages as well. Rabin Bista, chief of the health department of Sharada Municipality in district headquarters Khalanga, said even though people having symptoms of coronavirus were requested to visit the District Hospital for check-ups, only a few were visiting the hospital.

According to Bista, COVID-19 tests were not taking place in villages.
If the range of tests is expanded, coronavirus infection might be detected in every house. However, none of the authorities have given pace to expanding the testing facilities.

Chairman of Tribeni Rural Municipality Man Bahadur Dangi said, “As many people in the area started falling ill with symptoms similar to COVID-19, we have deployed local representatives to conduct awareness programmes calling the locals to observe high alertness. However, the COVID-19 test is yet to be performed on symptomatic patients.”

Following the relaxation of the prohibitory order, the flow of people has increased in the city area of the district but they’re found avoiding all the public health standards. As the local levels have failed to prioritise COVID-19 tests, the infection has spread to the villages as well.

Bhimkant Jaisi, chief of Salyan District Hospital, said that the test was being conducted on only those people who are suspected to have been infected with the virus.
In the last two weeks, Salyan has added 56 new infections and a case of fatality to its COVID-19 tally.

Meanwhile, Laxmi Devi Humagain Khatiwada, Chief District Officer of Salyan, has requested everyone to duly abide by the public health standards. She also said that the infection rate had increased in Salyan due to negligence in following health safety measures.

A total of 6,141 tests have been conducted in Salyan until now of which coronavirus infection was detected in 2,217 samples. The district has reported 53 fatalities until now.

Source : TRN,