Sankhuwasabha Massacre: Police Suspects Involvement Of Accused’s Brother

The Sankhuwasabha Massacre, where six of the same family were killed, has taken a new turn as the police have arrested accused Lok Bahadur Karki’s brother.

Accused Lok Bahadur’s brother Naresh Karki was taken into custody after the police found deceased Ranjana Karki’s mobile phone in his possession.

SP Bhim Dahal of Federal Police Unit, Dharan, said, “It has also been revealed that Naresh was the eye witness to the entire massacre. We have taken him in custody and further investigation is going on.”

Dahal said that investigation would be carried out over the mobile phone confiscated from Naresh Karki.

A team lead by a Police Inspector has been formed to investigate further, said Dahal.

On September 6, Monday, six members of the same family were murdered in Umling, Madi Municipality-1. The police have already arrested neighbour Lok Bahadur Karki, 25, for his alleged involvement in the murder.

Source : TRN,