Saptakoshi Water Level Rises, Poses Danger Of Inundation

Belaka, Saptakoshi and Kanchanrup Municipalities of Udayapur district are at a high risk of flooding as the water level in the Saptakoshi River and its tributaries have been rising following the incessant rains in the eastern hills for the past few days.

As the Saptakoshi continued cutting its western banks till Sunday evening, locals have started constructing a temporary embankment for controlling possible floods in the area. The flooded river has already cut 150 metres of the bank.

According to the Udayapur District Administration Office, a team of the Armed Police Force and Nepal Police has been deployed in the area.

According to the locals, if additional 15 meters of the land area is eroded by the river, the Saptakoshi could change its course at any time.

Most of the areas near the river in Ward Nos 2, 3, 8 and 9 of Belaka Municipality will be submerged if the Saptakoshi changes its course and moves westward. There are big human settlements in this area.

Construction of the embankments has begun with the help of 8,000 bags of sand and 50 nets to control the erosion. If the Saptakoshi changes its course, the settlements in the eastern region of Saptakoshi and Kanchanrup Municipalities of Saptari along with Belaka of Udayapur will also be at risk.

At present, the local administration has been informing the people living near the Saptakoshi to remain vigilant by miking.

About 2,500 families residing around the Saptakoshi are at high risk of flooding at any time, said Raj Kumari Chaudhary, Deputy Mayor of Belaka Municipality.

According to him, places like Dumribote, Masan Ghat, Dhauri Tappu, Chilime, ABC Island, Sri Lanka Island and Ramnagar are at high risk of flooding.

As the water level of the Koshi continues to rise due to continuous rains in most parts of the east, it is likely to affect other human settlements in areas like Gobargadha Island of Saptari, Saptakoshi, Kanchanrup, Hanumannagar Kankalini Municipality, Tirhut, Tilathi Koiladi and Koshi, according to Assistant CDO Nathu Sah.

DAO on Sunday also issued a notice to make necessary preparations for the protection of life and property of the residents residing in the lower belt.

Source : TRN,