Sarlahi Sugarcane Farmers Receive Subsidy

Sugarcane farmers of Sarlahi have received government subsidy after one year.

The government had announced a subsidy of Rs. 65.28 per quintal for the sale of sugarcane to the sugarcane farmers last year.
As per the announcement, the government subsidy has reached the hands of the farmers despite some delay.

According to District Treasury Comptroller Office, Sarlahi, the subsidy amount has been sent to the accounts of the farmers selling sugarcane at Indushankar Sugar Industry of Hariwan and Mahalaxmi Sugar Industries of Bagdaha in the district.

A total of 9,360 farmers had sold 2.2 million quintals of sugarcane to the Indushankar Sugar Industry last year. The farmers have been paid Rs. 144.28 million in grant.
Similarly, Mahalaxmi Sugar Industry had crushed 863,296 quintals of sugarcane purchased from 3,780 farmers.

According to District Treasury Comptroller Office, the farmers who sold sugarcane to Mahalaxmi have been paid Rs.56.3 million in grant.
Chief of the office Damodar Poudel said that around 51 farmers who sold sugarcane to Mahalaxmi did not give their account numbers. He informed that about Rs. 144,203 is yet to be paid to these farmers because of the lack of their account numbers.

It has become easy for the farmers to celebrate Dashain after the office sent the money to the accounts on Thursday.
Kapil Muni Mainali, president of the Federation of Sugarcane Producers’ Association, said that the farmers were happy to receive the grant on the occasion of the festival.

Source : TRN,