Satars start celebrating Soharai festival

People of Satar (Santhal) community, a marginalised indigenous community living in Jhapa and Morang districts, have started celebrating Soharai festival. The celebration includes singing and dancing, wearing new clothes and visiting neighbourhood to enjoy delicious food. On the occasion of the festival, Haldibari Rural Municipality of Jhapa district has declared a public holiday on January 29.

The festival is celebrated on the full moon day of the Nepali month of Magh every year. “There are many people from Santhal community in our rural municipality. The holiday has been given to promote their language, culture and tradition,” said Subash Shrestha, chief administrative officer of Haldibari.

Santhal dance has always been a major attraction in several programmes across the district, he added. Meanwhile, the Santhal community has expressed a hope that the government would declare a public holiday throughout the country on the main festival day. “We expect that the government gives a holiday on Soharai festival,” said Sundar Besra, chairman of Nepal Santhal Aadhibasi Utthan Sangh.

Source : TRN,