Satyagrahi Ganga Maya’s health in critical condition

Ganga Maya Adhikari of Fujel, Gorkha, who has staged hunger strikes on several occasions demanding action against her son’s murderer(s), has been on a fast-unto-death strike for the last 69 days.

Her health is deteriorating and she in a critical health condition admitted at cabin number 1 of Bir Hospital.

According to human rights activist Charan Prasain, a throat surgery, with Gangamaya’s permission, was performed on her at around 7:00 pm on Saturday in order to provide her with life-saving fluids.

Ganga Maya and her late husband Nanda Prasad Adhikari, residents of Gorkha district, had started their hunger strike as part of their Satyagraha since January 2013, demanding justice after the murder of their youngest son 16-year-old Krishna Prasad during the Maoist insurgency.

Gangamaya’s son Krishna Prasad was shot dead at Bakulahar Chowk in Ratnanagar on June 6, 2004 on his way to his grandfather’s house in Jayamangala, Chitwan.

On 22 September 2014, the 334th day of the couple’s hunger strike, Nanda Prasad died.

Though Ganga Maya continued her Satyagraha even after her husband’s death, the hunger strike was postponed on the 359th day when the government promised to fulfill its commitment to address Ganga Maya’s demand for justice and pledged to look after her throughout her life.

Six years since the government’s pledge to justice, the promise has yet to materialise and Ganga Maya has staged fast-unto-death on several occasions at the Bir Hospital premises.