Saving Lives Government Priority: PM Oli

Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has said that it is not regressive to go for a fresh poll. “Letting the political party run the government that receives the people’s mandate through the periodic elections is a feature of Loktantra, it cannot be considered an undemocratic step,” he said in his televised address on Friday.
Prime Minister Oli further said that calling the election a regressive move was to mistrust the people.
Talking about the latest dissolution of the House of Representatives, Prime Minister Oli said the opposition parties were carrying out activities to destroy the multi-party system.
“General election is indispensable for political stability,” he said, adding that the House of Representatives was not allowed to complete its full term though he had tried his best to let it function its whole term.
Expressing his commitment to conducting the election in a fair and free manner, he clarified that safeguarding of people’s aspirations was key for political stability and the government was working for the same.
Stating that the activities of the opposition parties have caused frustration towards the multi-party system itself, he remarked “For us, power is only a means, not an end.”
The government is working to provide access to opportunity to the people and a sense of social equality, he said.
Highlighting the achievements and works of the government, Prime Minister Oli said the government has made a significant progress in economic front despite facing many adversities.
Outflow of the laborers has decreased, power generation has increased and foreign trade of Nepali goods has started, said Prime Minister Oli, adding that the overall indicators of economy were positive.
The government has given priority to the completion of the unfinished projects of the past, he said.
He pointed out various completed and ongoing construction and development works taking place across the country as the government’s achievements.
More than 13,000 houses have been built under the People’s Housing programme and handed over, work is underway to form a high-level land reform commission to resolve the problem of landless squatters and more than 200 hectares of encroached government land has been recovered, he added.
Informing that the construction of six industrial zones has started this fiscal year, Prime Minister Oli said that the work of constructing hospitals at all local levels has begun.
He said that 200,000 people have got direct employment opportunities through the Prime Minister’s Employment Programme, adding that the government was working to produce thousands of skilled manpower.
Stating that Nepal has made a significant progress in the international arena, Prime Minister Oli said that diplomatic relations have been established with 170 countries so far.
He clarified that all the works of the government were focused on achieving the goal of making Prosperous Nepal Happy Nepalis.
The government had been making necessary plans for natural disaster risk reduction by arranging disaster relief centers in all the seven provinces. He further said that necessary resources would be managed by informing the international community to mitigate the adverse effects on Nepal’s mountain range.
Talking about the party unity, Prime Minister Oli, who is also the chairman of the ruling CPN-UML, said, “If a self-centered alliance had not been formed, the new leadership would have come by concluding the party’s unity convention by now.”
He further added that some of the leaders did not seem to be ashamed of their divisive activities. “Contrary to the party’s directives, they crossed the floor and launched a signature campaign to oust the prime minister of their own party.”
Pointing out the government’s positive policies in battling the coronavirus pandemic, he said the government’s priority was to save lives of people.
Vaccination was a must to win the battle against the COVID-19, he said, adding that the vaccination campaign has begun with the 3.228 million doses of vaccines received in grant assistance so far, while 1 million doses were available through procurement.
He also assured that the second dose would be provided for the senior citizens, who have received the first dose of vaccine, soon.