‘SC Verdict Historic In Terms Of Jurisprudence, Constitutionalism’

The Constitution Watch Group has said the Supreme Court verdict on the reinstatement of House of Representatives (HoR) has created a significant occasion to give progression to the constitution as per its letter and spirit.

The verdict has cleared the obstruction on implementation of the constitution, the Group said, adding it is the historic landmark decision in view of the protection of constitutional jurisprudence and constitutionalism.

Issuing a press statement on Wednesday, the Group called all sides concerned not to make any ill-efforts to disappoint people by making and breaking the government in the name of the parliamentary process. “The only promulgation of constitution and establishment of parliament do not ensure automatic implementation of constitutionalism. So, all sides should remain active, cautious and accountable to implement the constitutionalism as per the objective of the constitution,” it underscored.

The group led by former Chief Justice Kalyan Shrestha has the members as former Chief Justice Sushila Karki; Chairperson of General Election Observation Committee, Himalaya Shumsher JB Rana; Chairperson of Nepal Law Society, Tirthaman Shakya; former member of the Constituent Assembly, Khimlal Devkota; Mohan Da Manandhar from NITI Foundation; Dean at Nepal Open University, Dr Shilu Manandhar; Dean at Kathmandu University, Dr Rishikesh Wagle; constitution expert Dr Bipin Adhikari, Chairperson of Nepal Bar Association, Chandeshwor Shrestha, and Executive Director of Nepal Law Society, Krishna Man Pradhan, and others.

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