School textbook shortage issue voiced in National Assembly session

The National Assembly, the Upper House of the Federal Parliament, has unanimously approved sending the ‘COVID-19 Crisis Management Bill, 2078 BS’ to the Legislation Management Committee for clause-wise deliberations on it.

Minister for Health and Population, Bhawani Prasad Khapung presented a proposal to this end in the National Assembly meeting today.

Special hour

Meanwhile, speaking in the ‘special hour’ of the National Assembly session today, lawmakers drew the government’s attention to the students not getting textbooks for a long time after the commencement of the school’s new academic session.

Bimala Rai Poudyal expressed concern saying the state structures as the judiciary and constitutional commissions were becoming weaker in recent days. “The parliament has not been able to bring important bills related to the Citizenship Act and the Federal Civil Service Act. I am worried over this in my capacity as the lawmaker,” she said.

Bina Pokharel drew the attention of the government regarding the damage caused by floods and landslides to life and property in various places of the country and called for proper compensation to the affected families.

Tulasa Kumari Dahal stressed that the government should monitor whether or not the Health Insurance Scheme has been implemented. She called the attention of the government to the students not getting the school textbooks for a long time even after the start of the school new calendar.

Narayan Datta Mishra drew the attention of the government over the problem faced by the farmers due to the shortage of fertilizer during the rice planting season.

The National Assembly will next meet at 11 am on July 7.

Source : TRN,