Schools Resume In Kavre

Regular teaching and learning activities have resumed in the schools in the district. The schools had remained closed since the outbreak of the Corona Virus pandemic.    
Community and private schools in Paanchkhal, Temal and Roshi municipalities opened on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday respectively.    
Prior to this, the municipal education committee held discussion with the school management committee, guardians and other stakeholders on the matter. It also developed academic procedures for the same.    
“We have opened our school after following the necessary health protocol,” said head teacher of the Golmadevi primary school in Lamidanda, Bidya Laxmi Deuja. However, not all students have returned.    
Earlier, teaching and learning activities were being carried out in the district through community learning and virtually through online classes.    
Social distancing and mask are mandatory while classes are being held in three sessions of morning, day and afternoon to minimize the number of students in a classroom, said head teacher of the Indreni Bidya Mandir in Jirokilo, Ram Hari Sapkota.

Source: RSS,