Schools To Open In Mirchaiya Municipality From Tomorrow

The schools in Mirchaiya Municipality have decided to resume regular class by maintaining adequate safety measure from tomorrow.

Both the community and private schools which remained closed for months due to the COVID-19 pandemic are all set to run the teaching learning activities after the Municipality took this to this effect.

Education section of Mirchaiya Municipality issued the notice, urging all schools to resume class by maintaining safety standard. It was mentioned that the schools would reopen in line with the Learning Facilitation Directive, 2077 issued by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology.

However, the schools are not allowed to impose fee on the guardians for the lockdown period. They are asked to run the classes in shift so that social distancing would be possible. Similarly, only 50 percent seats would be occupied in the school bus and students asked to wash hands, and use mask before entering schools.

Moreover, there will be no more than two students in a bench/desk. The physical distancing would be maintained strictly. In case of any symptom on student, he/she should be provided immediate checkup.

Incessant rainfall affects life    
The rainfall occurring incessantly for four days has badly affected the normal life in Siraha. The people have not been able to continue their works and the marketplaces wearing dismal look.

The local roadways are muddy, thereby adding hassle to the people on movement and transportation. The rainfall also brought cold wind.

Although the water level increased in the rivers and streams, no human and physical loss was reported in the district, according to District Police Office. However, the people on the riverbank were made alert after the Kamala River was flooded.

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