Sculptors Busy Making Deities As Festivals Commence

The sculptors in Sarlahi have been busy these days as some of the major festivals are around the corner and the demand for statues of deities has soared.
Mostly individuals from Kumal community are involved in sculpting occupation.

One of the sculptors Ram Narayan Pandit from Ward No. 4 of Chakraghatta Rural Municipality said that they were busy working for the upcoming Bishwakarma Puja and other fairs.
Bishwakarma Puja falls on September 17 and several fairs are organised in many villages of the district. The fairs, which were put off last year, have been organised in light of dwindling coronavirus cases.
Sculpting has been passed down to the Pandit family for generations. According to him, he earns over Rs. 100,000 during a festive month.

Like Pandit, many sculptors across the district are so busy that they are seeking help from their family members.
Soon after the ending of the Bishwakarma Puja, the sculptors will again be busy making statues for Durga Puja, which falls during the festival of Dashain.

“The cases of COVID-19 have started decreasing, because of which a fair on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi have started from Friday in our village. It will end on Monday,” said Sanjay Prasad Gupta, Ward No. 5 chairman of Barahathwa Municipality.
Sculptors are often busy when festivals like Bishwakarma Puja, Saraswati Puja, Durga Puja and Laxmi Puja, among others, arrive.

Source : TRN,