Search For Safe Place Begins To Evacuate Chaurkhani Settlement

Search for the land to shift the Chaurkhani settlement of Raghuganga Rural Municipality-8 to a safer place has begun after the Chaurakhani settlement faced high risk of landslide.

The rural municipality began the search for safe place because the landslide caused huge cracks and rift in the entire village, said rural municipality Chair Bhaba Bahadur Bhandari, adding, “The problem of landslide worsened this year much forcing us to take initiative to shift the village. It is not possible to control the landslide at all.”

Chief Executive at the rural municipality Amrit Subedi informed that the geologists would study the area the locals prefer and further process be forwarded for it. He informed that there was a policy that federal government would provide Rs 100 thousand to each household which opt for evacuation. The households which do not have their land in safer places would be provided public land with the Cabinet decision of the federal government.

Among 52 houses, there are still 30 houses in Chaurkhani. Remaining ones migrated to Beni, Pokhara and Kathmandu.

The village is vertically divided with the landslide which damaged a community building and private house. The rural municipality had spent half million rupees while the locals contributed Rs 1 million to construct the community building two years back. Similarly, the house owned by Nar Prasad Chhantyal was also damaged. Eleven other houses developed cracks with the landslide, according to ward Chairman Gaman Chhantyal.

Source: RSS,