Seven Settlements In High Risk Of Landslides In Parbat

A total of seven settlements in Phalewas Municipality in the district are in high risk of landslides. Local authority has recommended to shifting the settlements to safer zone after geographical assessment.   

The Disaster Management Committee under the municipality has recommended State government and federal government to transfer these settlements to safer zones.    

According to Mayor Padam Pani Sharma, about 100 families in these settlements are at high risk of the landslides there.

He added that the area is fragile due to continuous rainfall for few days causing a threat of landslide at any time.  

The settlements at risk are Mudkuwa Churi of Ward No 4, Phalla of Ward-10, Dardare of Ward-2, Purkot and Rukdi of Ward-3 and Rahale of Ward-6 in the municipality.    

Mayor Sharma added that the risk of possible landslide is created while constructing the roads. The municipality is studying the possible alternate to be adopted soon, Sharma said.  

Source: RSS