Shuklagandaki Reports Several Incidents Of Forest Fire

The Shuklagandaki municipality-12 in Tanahu has reported incidents of fire at different community forests since the past few days.

As ward chair Manaraj Gurung said the forest fires have broken out at Pragatishil, Laxmithumka and Aamdanda forests.

Similarly, the Postakbari community forest in the neighbouring ward also reports the fire, according to him.

Fire has also broken out in community forests sharing border with Kaski. Community forests located in the surroundings of Firfirey report the rising incidents of fire.

The Division Forest Office has intensified the public awareness campaign against the forest fire with the beginning of the dry season.

Eight sub-division forest offices in the district have implemented programmes to control the incidents of forest fire. The forest covers up 82,549 hectares of area in the district.

There are 616 community forests, 484 lease-hold and 6 religious forests at the ten local levels in the district.

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