Sindhupalchowk Flood Victims Receive Relief Materials

The flood victims in Sindhupalchowk have received relief materials worth 858,000 Chinese Yuan.

Speaker Agni Prasad Sapkota took the initiatives in this regard.

A county under the Tibet Autonomous Region of China donated for the relief materials. Speaker Sapkota handed the relief materials to the flood victims of Bhotekoshi, Jugal, Barhabise and Chautara via chiefs of the local levels and local people’s representatives amidst a function at the dry port of Larcha in Sindhupalchowk district on Friday.

The assistances include 240 sets of cotton tents, 300 blankets and 300 high power flashlights.

On the occasion, Speaker Sapkota urged the local levels to distribute the aids in a fair way.

The taxes in importing the relief materials on the request of local levels was waived, said Speaker Sapkota’s personal secretary Gobinda Pathak.

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