Singer Kiran Gajmer Returns To US From TIA After Being Barred Entry

Singer Kiran Gajmer, the winner of the singing reality show ‘The Voice of Nepal 3’, has returned to the United States from Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) after the immigration department did not allow him to enter Nepal.
Gajmer had arrived in Nepal on Monday by Qatar Air flight QR 650.

Gajmer, who returned after staying in the US for a few weeks, was not allowed to enter Nepal by the immigration department at the airport.
According to Chief Immigration Officer of the airport Sushil Baidhya, singer Gajmer stayed in Nepal for over 220 days.
He added that with a tourist visa, Gajmer can stay in Nepal for only 150 days, but he had stayed in Nepal for over 220 days, therefore he had to return to the US from the TIA.
He has already passed the period of staying in Nepal for the year 2021. Now, Gajmer will be able to enter Nepal only in 2022, said Baidhya.

Baidhya said that if a foreign national has to stay in Nepal for a long time, they have to take non-tourist visa such as business visa, student visa, relation visa and NRN card holders can also stay in Nepal for a long time.
After being displaced from Bhutan, Gajmer and his family had been living in a refugee camp in Jhapa. Gajmer flew to the United States after the United Nations launched a third-country resettlement programme for Bhutanese refugees.

Gajmer moved to the United States with his family in 2011. Since then, he has been using the US passport.
After the visa reciprocity between Nepal and the United States, citizens of both countries can stay in each other’s countries for 180 days on a tourist visa. Citizens of countries other than the United States can stay in Nepal for only 150 days on a tourist visa.

Source : TRN,