Singer Prakash Saput Tests Positive For COVID-19

Popular singer Prakash Saput has tested positive for COVID- 19.

Taking to his Facebook page on Friday, the ‘Galbandi’ singer informed that he is in home isolation after he was tested positive for coronavirus in a PCR test done at Kathmandu Medical College (KMC).

He also urged all those who came in contact with him to undergo a PCR test.“I had a PCR test when I felt a lot of body aches, pains, restlessness, heavy head, shortness of breath and some anxiety. I am in home isolation and my condition is normal,” he wrote.

He further added, “Be confident that coronavirus could be won, but don’t take it for granted. Because even though the symptoms are normal, it can be very frustrating. Be careful. Stay safe. Hopefully, this pandemic will go away soon. We will return to the old rhythm of life.”

A few days ago, singer Saput had released a music video “Ke Yo Desh Mero Hoina Ra”. The song and the music video have drawn the attention of a large number of audience.