Snowfall Affects Life, Farmers Happy

The district has witnessed snowfall since last night. With heavy rainfall, chilling cold has badly affected people’s lives.

However, the snowfall has brought happiness to the farmers for it helps revive the winter crops which were being wilted for long dryness.

The snowfall which used to occur two months back happened now. A farmer from Gaumul Rural Municipality, Milan Rokaya, who was worried over crops, said, “We were despair over loss of crops but the snowfall occurred-though late.” He hoped it would also prevent disease on crops.

On the other hand, traders have been worried over the obstruction of roadway after the snowfall. It is now difficult to supply goods.

The local administration has urged everyone to wear warm clothes and take hot soup in the wake of surrounding blanketed with snow causing chilling cold. The people are not able to take the livestock to pasture. Similarly, children and elderly ones are bearing the brunt of cold.

It is the first time Bajura saw the snowfall this year. The upper belt of the district as Badimalika Rural Municipality, Budhinanda Rural Municipality, Triveni Rural Municipality, Gaumul Rural Municipality, Swamikartik Rural Municipality and Himali Rural Municipality got the snowfall while the lower belt is facing rainfall.

Similarly, neighbouring Humla district also got the blizzard which elated the farmer. The District Police Office informed that the upper belt witnessed snowfall and the lower belt the rainfall last night.

Kharpunath, Simkot and Namkha Rural Municipality have been blanketed with snowfall causing severe cold.

It is however beneficial to the wheat, barley and uwa crops. “Snowfall is beneficial to agriculture,” said a local from Baraigaon of Sarkegad Rural Municipality-6, Man Bahadur Aidi.

It is the third time Humla got the snowfall this year.

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