Social Campaigner Dr Bishnumaya Featured In ‘The Writer’s Mindset’

Social campaigner Dr Bishnumaya Pariyar has been featured in the textbook taught in colleges worldwide.

The story of Dr Pariyar’s life struggle has been included in the book titled ‘The Writer’s Mindset’ penned by Dr Lisa Wright Hoeffner and published by Mc Graw Hill. Dr Pariyar’s profile is featured from page number 591 to 594 of the 692 pages long book, said Pradip Pariyar Thapa, editor of the US Nepal online portal.

The book includes the articles and life story of 52 noted personalities.

American social campaigner Dr Pariyar is a member of the Employment and Training Committee of Jersey City, US.
The textbook published by the leading American publication is taught in high schools, colleges and universities of not only America but in more than 100 countries.

Jersey City and the Indrawati Rural Municipality of Nepal have established sister-city relations in 2019 at Dr Pariyar’s initiatives. It was under her leadership that Nepal’s national flag was hoisted at the City Building of Jersey City in 2017.

She is the incumbent election commissioner of the NRNA ICC and the patron of the Global Gorkha Society.

Dr Pariyar is the founding President of the Association of Dalit Women’s Advancement of Nepal (ADWAN); a prolific social entrepreneur, an award-winning scholar; and a well-known advocate for marginalized Nepali communities. Dr. Pariyar was born in a Dalit (Untouchable) family of ten children in a remote village in Nepal and has overcome tremendous obstacles of gender, caste discrimination, and poverty.

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