Social organisations in Dadeldhura rally in support of Dr. KC

  • November 8, 2019

File Photo

Civil society of Dadeldhura has carried out a rally along with different organizations in the district expressing their solidarity with Dr Govinda KC’s ongoing 17th hunger strike.

Expressing solidarity with Dr KC on Thursday, the rally, starting from Buspark and ended at Tufan Dada – the place where Dr KC has been conducting his hunger strike. Locals and people from various social organizations participated in the rally.

Participants criticized the government for not paying any heed towards Dr KC’s demands, and demanded the government to respect the demands.

Ramesh Joshi, coordinator of Dadeldhura’s Civil Society, said, “Dr KC’s demands are deserving. Several protests have taken place in the district in support of Dr KC.”

In a urine test of Dr KC, ketone bodies – the water-soluble molecules which are generally produced by the liver from fatty acid during the period of low food intake – were found, doctor said.

Dr KC, a senior orthopedic surgeon, has been staging his 17th hunger strike for four days after the government failed to address his seven-point demands, including the previous agreement reached with the agitating doctor.

His demands include implementation of the previous agreement reached between Dr KC and the government, returning of extra fees charge taken by medical students, commencement of MBBS class at the Karnali Academy of Health Sciences, amongst others.