Social organisations’ role crucial for sustainable development: PM Deuba

Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba has expressed the hope that activities of social welfare would contribute to the development and elevation of suppressed and backward communities in society.

Social service is one of the means of bringing suppressed and helpless communities to the mainstream of development and could carry out social transformation, according to the PM.

In his address to the main celebration of the 43rd Social Service Day here today, the head-of-the-state underlined the need for collaborative efforts between the government and non-government organisations to achieve sustainable development goals and periodic goals.

He took time to insist on the proper management and transparency of investment, and on actively mobilising social organisations in the areas of development priorities.

Stating that the performance of social organisations should be based on the delivery approach, he said the government was cooperating with the Social Security Council towards that end.

Acknowledging the role of the Council in serving its goals of social welfare, the Prime Minister said it was necessary to make social organisations accountable to the nation and the society.

“Social service is sacred work. The role of NGOs and INGOs is in bringing helpless and socially and economically backward communities to the mainstream of development. Further effectiveness of social welfare activities is needed. “

According to the Prime Minister, social service is necessary to contribute to socio-economic transformation in society.

He stressed that all should work united for the greater interests and welfare of society and encourage a new generation to dedicate themselves to the needy.

He further said that the necessity and presence of NGOs would be increased if NGOs could promote people’s participation, sustainability, austerity, and maximum utility of locally-based labour, skill and technology while launching their activities.

Prime Minister Deuba stressed that social organisations should be active to provide public service by reaching out in remote villages rather than being urban-centric, by adopting financial transparency.

Similarly, saying social organisations have significant roles in the country’s economic and social development, Minister for Women, Children and Senior Citizen, Uma Regmi, laid an emphasis on the need of making such organisations more effective in the coming days.

“The Council has switched to a digital system to deliver its services in an easy and smooth way,” she shared.

The Council organised a programme at Bhrikutimandap premises today on the occasion of Social Service Day 2022. This year’s Social Service Day is observed with the theme, “National Campaign for Achievement of Sustainable Development and Periodic Goals, the Contribution of the Association for the Building Inclusive Society”.

Social Service Day is observed every year commemorating the establishment day of the Social Welfare Council. (RSS)