Socio-Economic Transformation People’s Aspiration: NA Chairman Timilsina

Chairman of the National Assembly Ganesh Prasad Timilsina has said the socio-economic and cultural transformation along with democratic system is the aspiration of Nepali people.

“Nepal achieves the socialism as envisioned by the constitution once the country maintains economic competence, socio-cultural harmony and solidarity,” Chairman Timilsina said while giving a message of best wishes on the occasion of 71st National Democracy Day today.

He further said three layers of governments are committed to realize the national ambition of ‘prosperous Nepal and happy Nepali’ in line with federal system. The fundamental norms and values of democracy should be internalized as life system to ensure sustainable peace, good governance, development and prosperity, Chairman Timilsina stressed.

The NA Chairman also paid tribute to those getting martyrdom to abolish 104-year autocratic Rana regime and launch democracy.

Source : RSS,