Sopan Pharmaceutical Launches Six Medicines

Sopan Pharmaceutical Limited has launched six different medicine products.
State Minister for Health and Population Bhawani Prasad Khapung, Chairman of Nepal Medical Council Dr. Bhagwan Koirala and other personalities launched the products at a programme held here Thursday evening.
The company has launched Montrin 4/5/10, Myzith 500, Onmit 4, Alerz, Cyprite and Aneur.

Myzith (Azithromycin) is used for bacterial infections, Montrin (Montelukast) for asthma as well as allergy, Alerz (Levocetirizine) for allergy, Cyprite (Cyproheptadine) for allergy and appetite stimulation, Onmit (ondansetron) for vomiting and Aneur (Thiamine) for vitamin B1 deficiency.
Sopan Pharmaceuticals is a newly established Nepali pharmaceutical company that started medicine production since September 2021 although its oxygen production plant is in operation for the last four years.

“We have launched our first few products. We aim to produce quality medicines for the domestic and international markets. Medicines are produced according to the WHO GMP system,” said Er. Rameshwor Rijal, chairman of the company.
Sopan Pharmaceuticals is operating two plants for oxygen and medicine production.

The company has the annual production capacity of 900 million tablets, 70 million capsules, 300,000 litres liquid, 3 million bottles dry powder and 3 million tubes ointment.
According to Er. Basanta Chandra Marhattha, member of the Board of the Directors of the company, Rs. 1.27 billion is invested in the company of which Rs. 200 million is invested in Oxygen plant.
Minister for State, Khapung hoped that the company would fulfil the demand of quality medicines and urged to maintain the quality in the products.

Dr. Koirala suggested the company to procure quality raw materials and earn trust in the market. You have to win the confidence of the doctors and patients both, he said.
Santosh KC, Senior Administrator, Department of Drug Administration, said that Nepali medicines have earned the trust of the market due to latest production technology and WHO GMP practice.

Source : TRN,