Speaker Urges Opposition Party Lawmakers To Help Continue House Business

Speaker Agni Prasad Sapkota has urged the MPs of the main opposition party, CPN (UML), not to obstruct the meetings of the House of Representatives.

The UML lawmakers had started shouting slogans and obstructed the session soon after the Speaker announced the start of the House proceedings. He repeatedly urged the opposition MPs to help in conducting the meeting smoothly as they continued impeding the meeting amidst sloganeering.

The Speaker urged the opposition party for cooperation in the smooth operation of the meeting and finding an outlet to all problems only through dialogue, saying the rights of the rest of the lawmakers would be stifled through the regular obstruction of the House.

He also called attention to the legal provision which bars discussion in the parliament any topic under the Supreme Court’s consideration.

The UML has been protesting since the start of the present parliament session demanding that the MPs against whom it had recommended action to be stopped from entering the House.

Meanwhile, the Speaker has put off the meeting for 15 minutes as the UML lawmakers continued protesting despite his repeated requests to stop the obstruction and let the House meeting proceed on.

Source : RSS,