Special Campaign To Collect Voter Roll In View Of Local Level Election

The Election Commission of Nepal is going to launch a special campaign to collect the names of the eligible voters for the upcoming local level election.

The team deployed by the Commission at the local level will prepare the list of the eligible voters prior to the announcement of the election as per the legal mandate.

Commission’s chief commissioner Dinesh Kumar Thapaliya, talking to Rastriya Samachar Samiti (RSS) here today, shared that voter name list collection campaign will kick off in all rural municipalities tentatively from mid-November this year.

Thapaliya said, “The Commission will launch special campaign from mid-November to finish within a month as the legal provision mandates the election of the local unit is held within coming mid-April.”

Those above 18 years and having the Nepali citizenship identity card are eligible to be registered in the voter list, the Commission said. During the campaign, Commission will record the names of those above 16 years and will take their photos as well.

The Commission also is preparing to put in place a provision wherein any eligible voters could register their names round the year through the Commission’s offices, District Administration Offices and Area Administration Offices. This provision will benefit those who temporarily stay away from their native places for study, employment and business and other purposes.

The Commission has been mandated with a collection of the voter lists, one of the most important phases of holding the election.

Source : RSS,