Staffers’ Demands Can’t Be Met: NMC

 Management of Nepalgunj Medical College (NMC) has clarified that the demands put forth by its agitating employees cannot be addressed.
The management of the NMC, organising a press meet on Friday, stated that any demand to increase the expenses of the hospital could not be met.
NMC employees have been in agitation demanding a hike in their pay and allowance.

Dr. Suresh Kumar Kanodia, director of the medical college, said that the demands of the staffs could not be addressed as the hospital has been running in loss for the past two years due to the coronavirus pandemic.
He, further, said that the MBBS programme was the main source of income for the NMC, but not a single student was admitted to the college in the academic year 076-77.
Director Dr. Kanodia remarked that it was not good to affect the service by staging a protest raising demands in a sensitive area like a hospital although all the employees were well informed about the financial status of the hospital.

Shyam Sharma, Deputy Director of the Teaching Hospital, said that the agitation of the employees was meaningless.
Dr. Nitesh Kumar Kanodia, Assistant Director of the hospital, said that the financial condition of the hospital had been deteriorating for the last five years.
However, the agitating workers stated that they would not withdraw their agitation under any circumstances until their demands were met. They have been agitating for the second time in the three days putting forth seven-point demands, including increase in allowance.

Muslim Khan, a member of the agitation mobilisation committee, said that the management of the medical college was pretending that it was in loss and lacked funds.
The agitating employees have been holding sit-ins by disrupting all services except for the emergency services. 

Source : TRN,