Statue Of Siddhanath Baba Unveiled

A statue of Siddhanath Baba along with the under-construction museum premises have been unveiled here on Friday. The latest centre of public attraction has been established by pilot Bed Upreti.

The statue of Siddhanath Baba as well as the premises of the under-construction museum was opened for the public considering the increasing attraction of the people, said captain Upreti.

The place has recently become a popular site for people coming to take a photo, selfie and making tik-tok videos.

The museum will be opened only after things return to normalcy, said Upreti. The premises however has many attractive items including the statute of Siddhanath Baba, a swimming pool, nine water taps, a helicopter and the aerial pictures of tourist destinations of the far-west.

The land for the museum and the structures built in the museum premises was donated by captain Upreti’s mother Saraswati Upreti. It is worth 30 million rupees. Another 40 million was spent on establishing the museum.

Entry to the premises is free for senior citizens above 70 years while others are charged Rs. 50 per person. After complete operation of the museum, entry fees will be Rs. 100 for students and Rs. 150 for others.

This is the third museum established by Upreti after a similar one in Dhangadi and Kathmandu.

Source : RSS,