Statues Of Porcupine Made At Dumsichaur In Tanahun

In an effort to lure tourists, statues of porcupine (Dumsi) has been constructed at Dumsichaur, in Byas Municipality-10, Tanahun district.

The statues have been made to reflect the identity of the place as it is named ‘Dumsichaur’ (porcupine ground) and a large number of porcupines roam in and around the area. After the construction of the statues, the number of domestic tourists visiting the place has shot up.

Ward Chairman Tulsiram Sapkota informed that domestic tourists started flocking to the area to see the statues – which are kept inside a fence – as well as to take pictures.

The statues were constructed at a cost of Rs. 430,000, said Kishor Gurung, chairman of the statues’ construction committee.

Two statues – large and small (mother and porcupette) – have been constructed with the help of Ward No.10 of the Municipality and the locals. Gurung informed that the statue was made just like the original one by adopting its character.

The artists carved the statues to spread a message of protection of the species as it is disappearing gradually.  

source : TRN,