Stone Extraction From Hills, Rivers Suspended In Kavre

The administration in Kavre district has restricted the extraction of stones from hills and rivers in Kavre district from today.

The District Administration Office, Kavre, has suspended the additional mining from crusher industries that are being run for years in different local levels in the district.

So far, 31 crusher industries’ have run more than three dozen sand and stone mining in the district of Kavre.

Chief District Officer Shivaram Pokhrel said that the all the local levels and police offices have been written with the directive to shut all the mining industries related to stones extraction from the hills and rivers.

He, however, said that those industries meeting the standards would be given a nod to resume after monitoring their activities.

“Additional extraction for now is shut in all industries. Approval will be given only to those meeting set standards and material suppliers to the national priority projects after monitoring,” CDO Pokhrel said.

The administration’s fresh move comes following a directive from the Ministry of Home Affairs to control the excessive extraction of stones and sand from the rivers.

Source : RSS, Photo : RSS,