Stone Park Built In Jiri To Attract Tourists

In an effort to attract tourists, a stone park has been constructed in Pumpa, Jiri Municipality–1.
According to Tanka Bahadur Jirel, Mayor of the Municipality, the park, located at the bank of the Khimti River, contains naturally big and beautiful rocks.
“We constructed a few more structures like a wire fence, waiting area, cottages, restrooms, helipad, swimming pool and a recreational spot to make the park lively and comfortable for people,” he said. “The road leading to the park has also been paved.”
Idols of Lord Shiva and Guru Rimpoche have also been placed in the park to signify the harmony between the Hindu and Buddhist residents of the area, Mayor Jirel said. “Our intention is to attract domestic and foreign tourists towards the park,” he added.
So far, the government of Bagmati Province has provided Rs. 7 million, Jiri Municipality Rs. 3.9 million, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and local volunteers’ labour around Rs. 1.3 million, the Shyama Sherpa Kiduk Rs. 1.5 million and member of the House of Representatives Jip Chhiring Sherpa Rs. 1.6 million for the construction of the park.
Meanwhile, the park has already begun luring visitors from all over Dolakha and from other districts including Ramechhap, Solukhumbu and Kathmandu.
“The park lies on the road to the famous Panch Pokhari and Jatta Pokhari. That is also why many people have been visiting it in recent days,” Jirel shared.
Stating that the park was built under the municipality’s tourism promotion programme, Jirel added that more infrastructure would be added in the next fiscal year if the COVID-19 situation improved. The stone park can be reached from the main marketplace of Jiri via Mali and Yalung or through the neighbouring districts of Ramechhap via Those, Shivalaya and Gerjang.